How to utilize a downturn to spark creativity and innovation?

Pause. Reflect. Analyze.

How to utilize a downturn to spark creativity and innovation?

Many business owners focus on clients, trying to find new business or just trying to keep up with the present, which leaves little time to really look and review where they are (other than financially). This time of year, especially after the changes, pauses, and upheaval that the Pandemic brought on, can be a good opportunity to do that and plan for the future. When was the last time you visited your business plan or goals for both you personally as well as the company?

Time for More Questions and Introspection:

What is working well? Make sure you are in sync with your brand vision.  Continually ask yourself and your team are we supporting our core values. Also, think about efficiency, what items are clients asking for that from time and financial standpoint make sense.

What isn’t working?  Make sure your structure both physical space, employees and others involved in your business. We realized we didn’t need the large office space and overhead as most can work remotely, so we adapted and moved to Hayvn a great co-working space which has so many more benefits and costs are better.

How is your team?  Is everyone that is supposed to be, as author Jim Collins says, on the “right” bus.  It is time to query and get feedback. People like to be valued, acknowledged and asked for their opinions.

Try something new.  Ask your team if there is something they need or want to learn.  Consider a class online.  There are no more excuses as you can do it from your home anytime, day or night.    Business of Home, a design industry trade source, has ongoing seminars on everything from pricing and legal to licensing to product design, etc.

Explore doing new things or doing others differently. Experiment. Take your passions and see if they can be other business avenues. For example, designer Donna Benedetto used to do a lot of decorative painting prior to interior design. She’s tapped back into her creative side and developed an art business to compliment her interior design practice. Fuel your passion.

Designers are creative types who use problem solving to find new opportunities. Check out Robert Passal, designer, retailer and now product designer.  He was looking for wallpaper for his clients and couldn’t find what he wanted. Now he has boutique self-produced line.

Lastly, there is the head/gut connection.  If things don’t feel right, there is typically a reason.

Take the time for yourself and notice.

Here is to 2021: The Year of Possibilities.

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Creating Your Persona

Creating Your Persona

A Picture Says a Thousand Words… Today that Saying is Very True.

Visual storytelling has become the norm in how we market our businesses. Everything about your brand is packaged in a specific way to tell your story.

Everything starts with your name. Is it you or what you offer? Can your potential customer identify or relate to it? Does it focus on being remembered or clearly state what your business is? Whether it’s your name or related to your business both have validity in the marketplace. The most important thing to remember is you are in business for the long haul, so think about a name that is adaptable to expansion and will stand the test of time. Images& Details, Inc. allows for versatility and can be a company or an individual behind it. Eleish Van Breems utilizes the partners last names which gave them the ability to grow their business in many directions from antiques, a design studio and home store without needing to rebrand.

Then comes your logo, the first visual touch point others will receive and the first point of remembrance. This is your visual footprint that will be repeated on almost all creatives going forward from business cards, websites and social media to events and sponsorship materials. The best ones can be recognized  and last in people’s memories for years to come. Ford, for example, is over a hundred years strong. Our I&D logo is still pertinent 34 years later. Just a small tweak on font as needed because of technology.

A tag line is a phrase that catches attention, sticks in one’s mind, it can uniquely describe what your business does or or what you want people to take from your brand. DEANE, INC. – Rooms Everlasting  does that as they are more than a kitchen company, they sell cabinetry and a lifestyle.

Assets that tell your story. No matter if you’re a product driven company or a service business, you need to make these as relatable, usable, post-able and aesthetically beautiful as you can. They need to communicate your core values and business goals. Videos, photography, illustrations are multi-dimensional ways to get the word out. Today it is key to invest in professional photography, graphics and videography. It needs to peak curiosity and tell a story to convey your message, which allows media sources to utilize it and consumers to share it. Hire the best when you can.

Outlets to target for your messaging. Think of the best method to tell your story. Where will you have the most impact? Print, Digital, Podcast. Start with one then layer onto the approach if you are gaining traction. Look at what you are doing that is unique to your company and see if there is a good story. In the case of Eleish Van Breems and Avante Garden they collaborated on a lighting collection. Great photography and a good story angle are recipe for success and interest both internally and externally.

Get the word out about you. If you are the brand put a face to it and if you are a larger company make sure people can relate to it. Speaking opportunities both in person and now with webinars, Zoom, etc. all give you exposure, build credibility and position you as a thought leader. Your and/or teams headshots, and profiles convey a message about you and your brand.

Everything you say and do is part of your communication strategy.

If you are looking to craft your story and need help. Reach out.

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