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Events Matter

Events Matter

Seasonal  Events, Pop Ups and  Soirées

It seems as though today more companies and brands want experiences that allow them to connect with their customers and build brands in an intimate more meaningful way.

In January, we had our second rendition of Ancien et Moderne during Deco Off in Paris. This year’s theme celebrated 70’s bohemian chic glam. Brands like Fromental and Justin Van Breda were able to push the boundaries creatively in their product designs enabling us to come up with a concept that was not only visually stimulating, but that really brought the customization capabilities of both brands to the forefront.

Sculptor, Philippe Berry, collaborated with renown designers, Timothy Corrigan, Alex Papachristidis, Frank de Biasi, and Bambi Sloan to create one of a kind bronze mirrors. Bronze sculpture was brilliantly colored in two pieces by Monaco artist Carol Bruton. Designer Michelle Nussbaumer brought her sumptuous new fabrics, exotic jewelry and home accessories, while La Tuile la Loup set the perfect table with made-to-order ceramic dinnerware, and tabletop by French artisans. The Rug Company laid the ground work with two knotted silk rugs and Fabian Barbera’s newest candles provided the perfect scent for cold wintry Paris. All these custom pieces came together perfectly to create a space everyone couldn’t stop talking about. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 4.11.34 PM

Ancien et Moderne: Paris Pop-up 

In Spring, Putnam & Mason, a new retail concept in Greenwich, came to light when interior designer Robert Passal and accessories designer Kim Alessi put their heads together to form a collaborative design atelier. They created a layered space filled with contemporary products and classical antiques paired with design services in a multifunctional showroom and workspace for both consumers and trade.

The design atelier is a one stop shop for consumers and trade, handling every facet of building and designing a home. Local vendors including Robert Passal Interior Design, KLASP Home, Wheelock Kitchens, Phoenix Audio Video, Eastridge Construction, and Gro Pro will use the space as if it is their own showroom, giving clients the opportunity to see their work in action. For designers, a unique aspect of the new concept at Putnam & Mason is the kitchen, called “The Sample Bar”. Although it will still function as a beverage station for clients to get coffee, water, and wine the main reason for the kitchen is as a workspace for designers to layout their projects. The island and cabinetry will be filled with various samples of fabric, wallpaper, paint, and more.

For Putnam & Mason our goal was to announce the opening of the design atelier and educate consumers and trade of the unique services it will provide. When you add in the mix of artist Hunt Slonem and New England Home magazine as a partner, you get a win-win and the right upscale target audience to attend the opening.

Putnam & mason

Putnam & Mason Opening: (Left Image) Hunt Slonem, Stacy Kunstel, Kim Alessi (Right Image) Robert Passal, Meg Braff, Kim Alessi

KLAFFS was looking to have a Bath Expo and celebrate their vendors in their retail showroom. An evening with a CEU course, a trend talk with Editor in Chief DJ Carey of Cottages and Gardens and more than 300 attendees. Our main focus was to be the liaison between KLAFFS and CTC&G. Our second job was to help urge attendees to not only attend the event but to meet all the vendors and gain word of mouth advertising. We had a little fun with the social media hashtag and passport event using the phrase, #KLAFFSBubbleBash. It definitely made a big splash and plans are in the works for the next expo.


KLAFFS Bubble Bash: (Right Image) Stephanie Rapp, Andrea Williams, Sarah Weiland, Chris Roughan

In continuing our efforts to create a unique set of programs for Wakefield Design Center we started a Business of Design Series with Athome magazine. Our first seminar was a dynamic and informative panel discussion on Licensing led by Kate Verner. Finishing with a discussion between expert in licensing Kate Verner, licensee Linherr Hollingsworth and creative/editorial director of Athome magazine Amy Vischio. 

BofD Images

Wakefield Design Center, Business of Design Series: (Left Image) Kate Verner, Linherr Hollingsworth, Amy Vischio

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Fall Inspiration

Fall Inspiration

One event after another tis the Fall season. Building relationships with designers is an integral part of Images & Details business. Many of our events entail introducing a brand to the interior design community or informing designers about programs that support their work in the local area and boy did we do that!


Our luxury British mattress company Vispring was looking to expand their brand ambassador program. We wanted to create a WOW factor that will keep existing and future brand ambassadors excited to use and recommend the Vispring beds. At this year’s Fall High Point Market we invited eight interior designers throughout the country to create custom designer dog’s beds. The wonderful designers that participated were Michelle Nussbaumer, Cloth & Kind, Lisa Mende, Mitchell Hill, Jonathan Savage, Sam Allen, Mally Skok, and Andrea Schumacher. The elaborate beds, think pagodas, Lucite frames and pedestal designs, the Vispring showroom came to life!

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 11.37.37 AM.jpg

These types of events are created to introduce and educate the designers to the brand, materials and the bespoke quality of the mattresses. This year Vispring went one step further by flying an expert side-stitcher from their factory in England to have everyone experience first-hand what goes into making a Vispring mattress. We hoped this will create brand ambassadors as well as generate buzz, attract media and additional designers, and dealers to the Vispring showroom to highlight not only the work of the designers but the latest products Vispring has to offer. It was a success!

We returned to Connecticut with a line-up of events and this time our focus was on the local CT design community.  Our client Wakefield Design Center had a successful turnout to their semi-annual To The Trade Only Day. The event’s dynamic programming continually attracts new designers to the showroom, this time doubling to more than 85 attendees. This November’s star studded roster of speaker started off with design icon Vicente Wolf sharing his philosophy on how classical elements –earth, wind, air and fire– form the base of any unforgettable design featured in his latest book The Four Elements of Design. Top furnishing brand, Vanguard, introduced us to the talented designer Barry Goralnick who opened our eyes to the way cultural trends inspire and impact the way we design and innovate new products. We switched it up a bit this year and ended with an exciting panel discussion moderated by author and designer Carl J Dellatore featuring panelists Laura Bohn, Glenn Gissler, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller. They discussed design legend Mario Buatta’s thoughts on color inspiration and color interiors in the 21st century, an excerpt from Dellatore’s new book Interior Design Master Class. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 11.30.46 AM.jpg

By offering top caliber programming that is both informative and entertaining, more designer are joining us at Wakefield Design Center events which has increased foot traffic through the showroom. This has lead more designer to realize that Wakefield Design Center is a great resource for not only product and furnishing but holds expert information that will help one grow their business.

This is an event we love to be a part of– each year learning new ways to enhance the designers experience and grow the amount of attendees. It is also a way to connect the global interior design community with that of the ever growing Connecticut design Community. We wouldn’t be able to achieved the success we have had without the support of New England Home Magazine, the Wakefield Team, and all the amazing presenters that have given their time to come and talk to our community. Thank you again!

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Designers, Dogs and Showhouses

Designers, Dogs and Showhouses

The Dogs Days of Summer seem a long way off here in the Northeast.


But unlike here it seems already sultry in the South at the Southern Style Now Festival in down in New Orleans. Our own Dana Grunow is there soaking up the sun while being a PR Powerhouse and Speaker. She got to spend the evening with our southern gentleman, designer Jonathan Savage, who is the Showhouse master this Spring. First Atlanta at the South Eastern Showhouse then his Alma Mater the O’More Showhouse. And now the Southern Style Now Showhouse accompanied by the talented Tori Mellott of Traditional Home. For designers, Showhouse’s are still an essential way to show their work, style, creativity and usually for a good cause to boot.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.34.26 PM

And in our own backyard there is the inimitable Kips Bay which is a MUST SEE this year.

Now back to the dogs…

Here are a few of our favorite client pics with their pooches. And yes, they really do help drive those Instagram Likes.

Carey Karlan and Buckly


Jonathan Savage and Artie


George, Tony  and Ginger


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Ancien et Moderne

Ancien et Moderne

Every once in a while you take a risk, and the results are better than you could have imagined.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone and facing your fears is scary, but I recently did it, and learned a few lessons in the process.  Several years ago I went to Paris for Maison Objet and Deco Off, the world-renown interiors shows, and I felt that something was missing.  Showroom after showroom displayed beautiful fabric, wallpaper, or furniture, but as a whole, it had become just another large trade show.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 5.11.05 PMSo for this year, I had an idea.  My concept was to create a pop-up that would bring together companies and brands that use old world techniques or hand craftsmanship to create beautiful products for today’s marketplace.  And we did it.  For one week in January during Deco Off, we were able to combine the right elements with perfect execution to create our salon, Ancien et Moderne.  Everyone – from participants to editors, from designers to retailers to customers – felt that they were part of something special.  Not just a retail space, Ancien et Moderne was a salon, reminiscent of the Paris of Gertrude Stein.

After establishing a figurative vision, I gathered a group of like-minded women to help develop a literal one, beginning with the color palette. Fromental, known for their exquisite hand-done wallpaper, recolored their Barber pattern exclusively for us.  Pierre Frey, one of France’s premier textile families, provided the beautiful rug, which helped ground the space. Martina Mondadori, the brilliant editor and visionary behind Cabana magazine, contributed one-of-a-kind products showcasing her philosophy and a new way to do business. Carolina Irving and Penny Morrison, whose fabrics and textiles are known within the design world, presented fabrics and furnishings that created a true salon feel. Hope Swales, the art dealer representative of sculptor Philippe Berry, launched his first furniture collection of consoles and coffee tables in Pairs, which became the backdrop for a dynamic grouping of plates by decapouge artist Jill Barnes-Dacey. Just like those plates, each element was strong enough to stand on its own, but together they provided a venue that was worth of the exciting events hosted there.

Alexandre de Vogüé, co-author of A Day at the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, kicked off proceedings with a book signing and a talk on being a fifth-generation resident of the lovely estate, as well as managing it with his two brothers.  We were thrilled to host The Antiques Diva, Toma Clark Haines, and RubyLUX’s Cathy Whitlock for a talk on “Living with Antiques in Modern Times,” moderated by Jake Baer from Newel Antiques, as well as a decoupage workshop with Barnes-Dacey.  Finally, we wrapped up with a talk “Celebrating the Strength of the South in the World of Design” with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Ralls.  It truly was the place to be in Paris.

Now the task for every participant in our salon is to take the success of Ancien et Moderne and develop it into new relationships and business success.  For us at Images & Details, the challenge is to create something just as noteworthy, yet unique, for next salon. Stay tuned!


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Making Spirits Bright


A big part of the public relations life is event organization – from planning to attending, from prepping our clients to coordinating décor and catering, Images & Details loves and excels at making sure everything is perfect.  We’ve been busy this season at a number of events that gave us the opportunity to showcase our expertise to the design world.


At High Point Market, our client Vispring hosted “Bedtime Stories,” a brunch event at which we challenged five of our favorite design teams to create bedside table vignettes that illustrated a beloved book.  We knew we were in for an exciting time when Robin Baron called and asked, “Could we do Fifty Shades of Grey?”  Robin and her team delivered with a fabulous monochromatic color scheme compete with blood red flowers and a smattering of scattered lingerie. Robert Leleux and Shaun Smith recreated “The Ugly Duckling,” complete with two life-sized faux swans, and Anne Rue evoked all the emotions with her incredible recreation of the timeless “Goodnight Moon.”  Our own Jonathan Savage took the challenge to a darker place, reinterpreting “The Nightmare Before Christmas” using black and white and a skull motif, while Rivers Spencer chose the Princess and the Pea, which is really rather apt for a Vispring-hosted party, given their mattress-making craft!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.56.44 AM

Each vignette dazzled and excited us, but as with every party, it was the guests who provided the essential element to make the event fun and successful.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a lovely morning!

High Point Market complete, we returned to Connecticut for our client Wakefield Design Center’s twice-yearly To the Trade Day.  We’ve had some outstanding guests in the past … but we have to say this line-up left even us a little star-struck.  Starting off, Eddie Ross, who has just launched his new book Modern Mix to wonderful response, shared his tips and tricks for sourcing chic and accessible finds that reflect your own personality in your home.  Long-time Images & Details friend Julia Buckingham then introduced us to her philosophy of Modernique, a way of life influenced by her own personal journey.  Next, the inimitable Robert Couturier participated in a Q&A with New England Home editor-in-chief Kyle Hoepner, discussing the art of designing exquisite paradises for the cultural and intellectual elite.  Finally, the lovely and engaging Thom Filicia had a tete-a-tete with Michael Devine, premiering new furniture and artwork from the Thom Filicia Home Collection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.13.59 PM

We love helping host the To the Trade Day; while the reach of the interiors community is global, this event allows us to bring the very best of the world of design right here to Connecticut.  Again, thank you to our participants and to those who attended.

We at Images & Details wish for you a happy holiday season with many happy and successful events, and look forward to seeing you in 2016!

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Fall Forward

Fall Forward

Fall is a busy time for everyone. Back to life, back to reality. It’s a particularly busy time for us at Images & Details, as on top of the many fun activities we have going on with our current clients, we’ve also recently added a great new group of businesses to our roster.

Jonathan Savage

Jonathan Savage

Jonathan Savage, of Savage Interior Design, is a hot new designer out of Nashville for whom we expect great things. His debut in the I&D world will be at High Point Market, where he’ll be participating in the Bedtime Stories event with another client of ours, Vispring – the luxury bed company based in the UK. At the event, several top designers will create vignettes for the bedside tables in the showroom based on their favorite bedtime stories – we’re excited about Jonathan’s theme, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”



Renae Cohen

We’re also so pleased to now be working with the lovely Renae Cohen, of Westchester-based Renae Cohen Interiors. Renae’s mantra is one of “functional design” – a native of the Midwest, Renae insists that her projects be as user-friendly for her clients as they are beautiful. Renae’s elegant, sophisticated aesthetic (she has a background in antiques) will be on view at the 2015 Rooms with a View in Southport, the venerated showcase for interiors talent started by Albert Hadley and currently curated by Thom Filicia.



Barclay Butera’s Landon

AND … (we told you it was busy around here!), Images & Details will work with Barclay Butera at High Point Market on the launch of Landon, his new Eastern Accents collection. Together, we will be hosting an exclusive preview down at High Point, followed by a signing of Barclay’s new book. Fresh and on-trend, we think Landon will be popping up everywhere this fall.


Carey Karlan (left) with artist Joan Cone (right) at the Showhouse on the Green in Fairfield

Carey Karlan with artist Joan Cone

More locally, we’ve really enjoyed working with our clients George Snead at Wakefield Design Center and Carey Karlan of Last Detail on the Showhouse on the Green in Fairfield. The result of the efforts of 20 top interior designers and decorative artists, the Showhouse is open for 5 weeks from September 19 through October 25, and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens is media sponsor.

So while the leaves may be falling down, it’s onward and upward at Images & Details!
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Out of Office

Out of Office

Images and Details is all about experiences.  Most recently, we had a glorious road trip to visit Peter Fasano‘s studio in Great Barrington, MA where we got to see where the magic happens.   On this picture perfect summer day, Tori Mellott of Traditional Home was joined by designers Lynn Morgan and Regan Hayes along with our PR gal pal Cristina Juarez.

Peter’s newest passion is antique wooden blocks.  We saw how a single image was transformed into an overall pattern.  It was a whirl wind of learning — from how screens are made, to watching colors being calculated, to seeing fabric being printed and dried.

Paint cans galore labeled with the Who’s Who of the design world were stacked in a row.

After the tour we went for a lovely al frescoe lunch at Elizabeth and Peter’s home. Farm to table simplicity at its best.  Yummy salads, fresh baked breads and delish local desserts.    On our return we stopped at a few antique shops and ran into our fellow travelers.  A great way to be inspired.


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Summer Soiree

Summer Soirée

We New Englanders deserve our lovely, breezy summers – they’re our gift for enduring the cold months.  At Images & Details we think that you can’t celebrate the season enough.  To that end, our “Commander-in-Chief” Beth Dempsey hosted a soirée at her home during the last weekend in June, and guests congregated on the veranda, with yummy appetizers, frozen lime cocktails and plenty of rosé wine.  We asked some party-goers for their thoughts on summer: tips, favorites & inspirations.  Here’s what they said:

Harriet Mays, Susan Harrington & Clare Basius caught up on the front porch at Beth Dempsey’s home.

Harriet Mays, Susan Harrington & Clare Basius caught up on the front porch at Beth Dempsey’s home.

Carolyn Sollis Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: Fenwick CT, where the CT River meets Long Island Sound – I have spent summers there my entire life. Signature Summer Dish: Blueberry Kir Sauce Great Beach Read: This summer I plan to read Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Nantucket is the favorite summer vacation spot of Quintessence blogger Stacey Bewkes.

Nantucket is the favorite summer vacation spot of Quintessence blogger Stacey Bewkes.

Stacey Bewkes Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: No surprise there – Nantucket! Signature Summer Dish: We eat very simply in the summer – whatever is fresh and hopefully local. So while on Nantucket that means grilled, just-caught swordfish, steamed local lobster, fresh Nantucket corn and lots of easy green salads in my big seasoned wooden bowl. Great Beach Read: I am currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things which was recommended by Susanna Salk and Laura Slatkin (the cover inspired her new NEST fragrance, Verde. Favorite Summer Cocktail: Like everyone else, I am drinking a lot of rosé this summer (I just did a post about good rosés!)

Is a lovely bottle of rosé wine your drink of the summer?

Is a lovely bottle of rosé wine your drink of the summer?

KC Williams Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: Little Compton, RI (where else?) Great Beach Read: Leaving Before the Rains Comeby Alexandra Fuller. I’ve read all of her previous books about her childhood growing up in Zimbabwe, and they portray a life that’s quite foreign to our world. Favorite Summer Cocktail: I have many but I especially like Dark & Stormy’s.

Carey Karlan, Stacey Bewkes and KC Williams enjoyed the summer afternoon with Images & Details.

Carey Karlan, Stacey Bewkes and KC Williams enjoyed the summer afternoon with Images & Details.

Melissa Feldman Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: Sailing around the Turkish Mediterranean was the best vacation I’ve ever had! Great Beach Read: I love, love, love Jonathan Franzen, so I’m waiting his next novel, Purity, to come out later this summer. Also The Last Love Song a new biography on writer Joan Didion. Favorite Summer Cocktail: Naturally a negroni, but only made with dry vermouth.

Sailing is a big part of the New England summer.

Sailing is a big part of the New England summer.

Carey Karlan Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: I’m happy to stay-cation right here in Darien in the summer! You could travel a long way and not find a more beautiful spot than the terrace overlooking the sound at the beach club at twilight. Spending unhurried time with friends and family in that familiar and beautiful spot is my bliss for summer. Favorite Summer Meal: I love to set up a fancy picnic complete with flowers, cold salmon with tasty salads and a fresh peach cobbler! Favorite Summer Cocktail: A nice bottle of Sancerre.

Summer reading lists included a Pulitzer Prize winner and a new biography of Joan Didion.

Summer reading lists included a Pulitzer Prize winner and a new biography of Joan Didion.

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Architectural Digest’s Bronson Van Wyck and Designer Celerie Kemble at Michael C. Fina

Architectural Digest’s Bronson Van Wyck and Designer Celerie Kemble at Michael C. Fina

Images & Details recently teamed up with a dynamic duo – Architectural Digest special projects editor and event planner extraordinaire Bronson Van Wyck, and superstar designer Celerie Kemble – to kick off the summer entertaining season at the Michael C. Fina New York flagship. The event was co-hosted by Architectural Digest and featured four gorgeous tablescapes with pieces pulled from Michael C. Fina’s tabletop collection. Guests enjoyed summer sips as they conversed and admired the vignettes.

Hermes ikat

Hermès Voyage en Ikat inspired the Eastern-themed tabletop vignette titled “The Rug Merchant’s Banquet”

Each table was inspired by a different part of the world; some inspired by travels and others simply by color and pattern.

The first table, dubbed “Sundowners on a Serengeti Plane,” was inspired by a trip to Africa the design duo had taken a few years back. The table included a leopard perched on top of a pile of antlers to really give onlookers an animalistic feeling.

The second table called, The Rug Merchant’s Banquet, first inspired by bold colors, evolved into an Eastern masterpiece complete with elaborate fabrics and Hermès Voyage en Ikat printed porcelain.

“Picnicking after the Beaufort Hunt” channeled aristocratic English “mismatched chic,” with a table featuring a delightful patchwork of Royal Crown Derby patterns and textures … and even a taxidermy fox.

 Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby plates featured on Picnicking after the Beaufort Hunt.

The last tablescape, Midnight in Mississippi, was inspired by Wyck’s southern roots. The Nymphenburg fish platters  transported Wyck to his past, reminding him of youthful summer nights. Baccarat red stemware and l’Objet place card holders  were the final touch, adding a dab of southern elegance to the beautiful table.


Nymphenburg fish platters give a deep southern feel to Midnight in Mississippi.

Architectural Digest’s Bronson Van Wyck and Designer Celerie Kemble at Michael C. Fina2019-05-28T15:22:35-04:00

Images & Details Event: LCDQ Legends Design Panel

Hollywood at Home's new showroom location on La Cienega Boulevard

Hollywood at Home’s new showroom location on La Cienega Boulevard

At this year’s LCDQ, Images & Details brought together five of LA’s top interior designers, Jamie Bush, Amy Meier, Christo Prevazanos and Todd Nickey & Amy Kehoe for a roundtable discussion of their custom fabric collaborations with our client Peter Fasano, hosted by Domino editor Robert Leleux at the new Hollywood at Home showroom.

Designer Amy Meier's Tent was a show-stopper at Hollywood at Home

Designer Amy Meier’s Tent was a show-stopper at Hollywood at Home

The west coast-based designers shared the inspiration behind their individual patterns and what it was like to work hands-on with a guru like Fasano, who has been creating fabrics and textiles for over 30 years. Guests were able to examine the custom fabrics close-up, which provided a distilled version of each of the designer’s personal styles.

Designers, Editors and Bloggers enjoy the lively discussion

Designers, Editors and Bloggers enjoy the lively discussion

A slide show, created by Fasano about his 30 years in fabrics and textiles, played to laughs and gasps from the audience, and afterwards he talked about the satisfaction he feels in helping these talented artists bring their visions to life in a medium so integral to the creation of a room’s aesthetic. The designers agreed that although challenging at times, the rewarding experience allowed them to capture their personal style in a new and different way.

Peter Fasano speaks to the audience

Peter Fasano speaks to the audience

Images & Details Event: LCDQ Legends Design Panel2019-05-28T15:22:35-04:00
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